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Resource representations


Contains detailed information about a specific URL submitted as a sitemap.

  "path": string,
  "lastSubmitted": datetime,
  "isPending": boolean,
  "isSitemapsIndex": boolean,
  "type": string,
  "lastDownloaded": datetime,
  "warnings": long,
  "errors": long,
  "contents": [
      "type": string,
      "submitted": long,
      "indexed": long
Property name Value Description Notes
contents[] list The various content types in the sitemap.
contents[].indexed N/A Deprecated; do not use.
contents[].submitted long The number of URLs in the sitemap (of the content type).
contents[].type string The specific type of content in this sitemap. For example: web.

Acceptable values are:
  • "androidApp"
  • "image"
  • "iosApp"
  • "mobile"
  • "news"
  • "pattern"
  • "video"
  • "web"
errors long Number of errors in the sitemap. These are issues with the sitemap itself that need to be fixed before it can be processed correctly.
isPending boolean If true, the sitemap has not been processed.
isSitemapsIndex boolean If true, the sitemap is a collection of sitemaps.
lastDownloaded datetime Date & time in which this sitemap was last downloaded. Date format is in RFC 3339 format (yyyy-mm-dd).
lastSubmitted datetime Date & time in which this sitemap was submitted. Date format is in RFC 3339 format (yyyy-mm-dd).
path string The url of the sitemap.
type string The type of the sitemap. For example: rssFeed.

Acceptable values are:
  • "atomFeed"
  • "notSitemap"
  • "patternSitemap"
  • "rssFeed"
  • "sitemap"
  • "urlList"
warnings long Number of warnings for the sitemap. These are generally non-critical issues with URLs in the sitemaps.


Deletes a sitemap from this site.
Retrieves information about a specific sitemap.
Lists the sitemaps-entries submitted for this site, or included in the sitemap index file (if sitemapIndex is specified in the request).
Submits a sitemap for a site.