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All Updates tagged: chrome51

Improving Scroll Performance with Passive Event Listeners

New to Chrome 51, passive event listeners provide a major potential boost to scroll performance.

local_offer performance events chrome51 javascript scroll touch

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IntersectionObserver’s Coming into View

IntersectionObservers let you know when an observed element enters or exits the browser’s viewport.

local_offer intersectionobserver chrome51

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API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 51

An round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome to help you plan.

local_offer deprecations removals chrome51

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What’s New with KeyboardEvents? Keys and Codes!

Two new attributes bring consistent keyboard event handling to the web.

local_offer uievents input chrome51

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Streamlining the Sign-in Flow Using Credential Management API

To provide a sophisticated user experience, it's important to help users authenticate themselves to your website. But creating, remembering and typing passwords tends to be cumbersome for end users, especially on mobile

local_offer credentials sign-in chrome51

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Web Animations Improvements in Chrome 50

Better specification compliance and new features coming in Chrome 50.

local_offer webanimations chrome50 chrome51

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