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Chrome Canary has landed support for the dialog element behind a flag. The dialog element can be used for popups in a web page.

  • show(): Open dialog.
  • close(): Close dialog. Takes an optional argument which if present dialog.returnValue is set to.
  • showModal(): Open modal dialog.
  • ::backdrop: Pseudo-element to style background behind a modal dialog.
  • close event: Fired when a dialog is closed.

Update on Dec 16th 2013

The dialog element now supports:

  • cancel event: Fired when the Escape key is pressed on a modal dialog. This event can be canceled using event.preventDefault().
  • autofocus attribute: The first form control in a modal dialog that has the autofocus attribute, if any, will be focused when the dialog is shown. If there is no such element, the first focusable element is focused.
  • form[method="dialog"]: Only valid inside a dialog. Upon form submission, it closes the dialog and sets dialog.returnValue to the value of the submit button that was used.

Check out details with a live demo and polyfill.

Turn it on by enabling “Enable experimental Web Platform features” in about://flags.

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