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Offline Google Analytics Made Easy

The sw-offline-google-analytics library gives you everything you need.
Jeff Posnick July 26, 2016

Complexities of an infinite scroller

Infinite scrollers are a common UI pattern. Here we explore how to implement this pattern in a memory conservative way that performs at 60fps.
Surma July 1, 2016

Persistent Storage

With Chrome 52, we’re introducing the ability to make storage persistent. Storage for web applications is a complex topic, and persistence for data on the frequently - ephemeral web doubly so!
Chris Wilson June 24, 2016

Goodbye Short Sessions: a proposal for using service-workers to improve cookie management on the web

Introducing a proof of concept design to persist sessions using the Service Worker.
William Denniss June 20, 2016

ECDSA for WebRTC: better security, better privacy and better performance

From version 52, Chrome uses ECDSA by default — a much more efficient and secure algorithm for WebRTC certificate key generation. In addition, RTCCertificates can now be stored with IndexedDB.
Sam Dutton June 17, 2016

Service worker caching, playbackRate and blob URLs for audio and video on Chrome for Android

From version 52, Android Chrome uses the same media stack as desktop Chrome, rather than relying on the underlying platform implementation. This enables service worker media caching, variable playback rates, blob URLs on Android, MediaStream passing between APIs, and easier cross-platform debugging.
Sam Dutton June 17, 2016

CSS Containment in Chrome 52

The new CSS Containment property lets developers limit the scope of the browser’s styles, layout and paint work.
Paul Lewis June 10, 2016

API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 52

An round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome to help you plan.
Joseph Medley June 10, 2016

Performance Observer - Efficient Access to Performance Data

New in Chrome 52, the Performance Observer interface provides more efficient, event based access to performance timeline data.
Marc Cohen June 9, 2016
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