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Web Animations API hits cross-browser milestone

Firefox 48 joins Chrome in shipping a native implementation of the Web Animations API.
Alex Danilo August 9, 2016

API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 53

An round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome to help you plan.
Joseph Medley August 9, 2016

DevTools Digest, August 2016

What happened to the Resources panel, new features, and community activity.
Kayce Basques August 6, 2016

Bringing easy and fast checkout with Payment Request API

Payment Request is a new API for the open web that makes checkout flows easier, faster and consistent.
Eiji Kitamura August 17, 2016

Muted autoplay on mobile: say goodbye to <canvas> hacks and animated GIFs!

Muted autoplay for video is supported on Android from Chrome 53. Previously, a video element required a user gesture to initiate playback.
Sam Dutton July 28, 2016

Web Push Interoperability Wins

Web push has had a few updates in recent versions of Chrome. GCM now supports the web push protocol and if you use VAPID you won't need to sign up for a Google Developer Project and you'll be given an FCM endpoint.
Matt Gaunt July 28, 2016

Offline Google Analytics Made Easy

The sw-offline-google-analytics library gives you everything you need.
Jeff Posnick July 27, 2016

Complexities of an infinite scroller

Infinite scrollers are a common UI pattern. Here we explore how to implement this pattern in a memory conservative way that performs at 60fps.
Surma July 1, 2016

Persistent Storage

With Chrome 52, we’re introducing the ability to make storage persistent. Storage for web applications is a complex topic, and persistence for data on the frequently - ephemeral web doubly so!
Chris Wilson June 24, 2016

Goodbye Short Sessions: a proposal for using service-workers to improve cookie management on the web

Introducing a proof of concept design to persist sessions using the Service Worker.
William Denniss June 20, 2016
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