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Chrome 47 WebRTC: media recording, secure origins & proxy handling

Chrome 47 has several significant WebRTC enhancements and updates including audio and video recording, proxy handling and mandatory secure origins for getUserMedia().
Sam Dutton November 24, 2015

DevTools Digest (CDS Edition): A glimpse into the future + RAIL Profiling

Learn how DevTools is going mobile first with a new, streamlined Device Mode that’s always on. Use the color buttons to quickly add colors to your selectors and find out what’s coming to DevTools soon.
Paul Bakaus November 24, 2015

Instant Loading Web Apps With An Application Shell Architecture

Application shell architecture is a method of building progressive web apps today, taking advantage of a range of technologies.
Addy Osmani November 17, 2015

DevTools Digest: Efficient element edits, Service Worker debugging, and Material Design shades

Use the DOM panel’s new context menu to efficiently edit nodes. Debug services workers directly via the Resources panel. Choose from all of the Material Design shades in the colorpicker. Blackbox JS libraries more easily.
Paul Bakaus October 29, 2015

Web Animations Resources

Resources and more for the Web Animations API
Sam Thorogood October 27, 2015

Manage the triggering of Touch to Search

Understanding when and how Touch to Search is triggered
Paul Kinlan October 22, 2015

Detecting if a web app is launched from the home screen

Detecting if a web app is launched from the home screen
Kenneth Christiansen October 16, 2015

Notification requireInteraction — A smoother notification UX on desktop

Notifications on desktop will be automatically dismissed after a short period of time.
Paul Kinlan October 16, 2015

Input Device Capabilities

A simpler method to rationalize your mouse and touch logic for when there is no PointerEvents
Paul Kinlan October 15, 2015

DevTools Digest: Tab reordering, Console is #2 and framework event listeners

Re-order DevTools tabs which ever way suits you best and see exactly where framework events were bound.
Paul Bakaus October 15, 2015
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