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If you already have a build process based on npm scripts you can use workbox-cli to generate a service worker.

1. From your project folder, install the module with NPM.

npm install --save-dev workbox-cli

2. Add a command to the scripts section of your package.json:

"scripts": {
  "build": "node existing_build_script.js && workbox-cli generate:sw"

Note: The command for generating the service worker, workbox-cli generate:sw, should always be the last step in your site's build process. This ensures that your service worker contains any changes made during development.

3. Run your new command.

npm run build

The first time you run this, a wizard asks several questions about your project before the module generates a service worker. Answer Y when prompted to save your choices. Your answers will be saved in a file called workbox-cli-config.json.

The next time you run npm run build, Workbox uses the JSON file to regenerate the service worker. If you need to update the workbox-cli-config.json, you can either do it by hand or delete the file and rerun the wizard.