This page contains examples for some of the Workbox modules.

Workbox is a set of small modules that can be used on their own, but we've also combined the most common pieces into one module, workbox-sw. This module supports precaching, routing of fetch events, runtime caching and more.


The workbox-sw example demonstrates a complete service worker implementation, demonstrating the common parts of the API. It's an in-depth exploration of everything you'd need to build a production-ready service worker.

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Lower Level Modules

As an alternative to using the full workbox-sw library, you can use these smaller, standalone modules in your service worker.


Uses the Broadcast Channel API to let you know when two responses are different.

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Takes care of expiring cached entries based on the maximum number or age of entries.

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Makes it easy to handle network requests using the response strategy of your choice.

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Implements common cache strategies, and provides hooks to extend the default behaviors.

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