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Your starting point for building great multi-device web experiences

Start your project with the Web Starter Kit and ensure you're following the Web Fundamentals guidelines out of the box.

Download Web Starter Kit (beta)

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What is Web Starter Kit?

Web Starter Kit is an easy way to start a new project. It comes with all the files you could need to start a new web project including a build process, boilerplate HTML and styles.

A responsive layout is included with the kit that adapts to fit the device your user is viewing it on. This helps you hit the ground running with an experience that looks good everywhere. Try a sample layout.

Web Starter Kit strives to give you a high performance starting point out of the box and we actively work on delivering the best PageSpeed Insights score and frame-rate possible.

We hope that you tailor Web Starter Kit by deleting anything that you don't want or need. It's a starting point - nothing more.

Multi-device responsive boilerplate

A responsive boilerplate optimized for the multi-screen web, with a high PageSpeed Insights performance score.

Cross-device Synchronization

Synchronize clicks, scrolls, forms and live-reload across multiple devices as you edit your project. Powered by BrowserSync.

Live Browser Reloading

Reload the browser in real-time anytime an edit is made without the need for an extension.

Performance optimization

Minify and concatenate JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Images to help keep your pages lean.

Built in HTTP Server

A built in server for previewing your site means you can test your pages without messing with other tools.

PageSpeed Insights Reporting

Web performance metrics showing how well your site performs on mobile and desktop.

Sass support

Compile Sass into CSS with ease, bringing support for variables, mixins and more.

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