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Element aria-* Attributes Are Allowed For This Role

Why the audit is important

Invalid role-attribute combinations can disable the accessibility of your page.

See Introduction to ARIA for more information.

How to pass the audit

Below the audit, Lighthouse displays something like 1 element fails this test. The number varies depending on how many elements are failing. Click this label to expand the list. You can find each element in your DOM by running the $(), $$(), and $x() functions from the Chrome DevTools Console.

To find each element's invalid combination(s):

  1. Note the role and aria-* attributes of the element.

  2. Go to Definition of Roles.

  3. Go to the page for this element's role.

  4. Check the aria-* attributes of the element against the Required States and Properties or Supported States and Properties lists. Any attribute that is not in one of these two lists is invalid.

To fix the invalid combo, you can either remove the invalid attributes from the element, or change the role of the element to one that supports the attributes.

How the audit is implemented

This section explains how this audit is implemented, so that you can understand how the audit's score is calculated.

This audit is powered by the aXe Accessibility Engine. See Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes for more information.