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Inspect Resources

Organize resources by frame, domain, type, or other criteria.


  • Use the Frames pane of the Application panel to organize resources by frame.
  • You can also view resources by frame from the Sources panel by disabling the group by folder option.
  • To view resources by domain and folder, use the Sources panel.
  • Filter resources by name or other criteria in the Network panel.

Organize resources by frame

Use the Frames pane on the Application panel for a frame-organized representation of your page's resources.

frames detail

  • The top-level (top in the screenshot above) is the main document.
  • Below that (e.g. widget2 in the screenshot above) are subframes of the main document. Expand one of these subframes to view the resources originating from that frame.
  • Below the subframes are the images, scripts, and other resources of the main document.
  • Last is the main document itself.

Click on a resource to view a preview of it.

Right-click on a resource to view it in the Network panel, open it in a new tab, copy its URL, or save it.

view resource

You can also view resources by frame in the Sources panel, by clicking on the overflow menu in the navigator and disabling the Group by folder option to stop grouping resources by folder.

group by folder option

The resources will be listed by frame only.

no folders

Organize resources by domain and folder

To view resources organized by domain and directory, use the Sources panel.

sources panel

Filter resources by name, type, or other criteria

Use the Network panel to filter resources by name, type, and a whole range of other criteria. Check out the guide below to learn more.


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