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The Chrome DevTools are a set of web authoring and debugging tools built into Google Chrome. Use the DevTools to iterate, debug and profile your site.

Chrome Canary always has the latest DevTools.
  • Select More Tools > Developer Tools from the Chrome Menu.
  • Right-click on a page element and select Inspect
  • Use shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or Cmd+Opt+I (Mac)

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Discover the Panels

Device Mode

Learn how to customize the DevTools to suit your workflow.

Remote Debugging

Remote Debugging allows you to remotely debug and screencast any device running Chrome on your Desktop.

Device Mode

Use the Device Mode to build fully responsive, mobile-first web experiences.

Elements Panel

Use the Elements panel to iterate on the layout and design of your site by freely manipulating the DOM and CSS.

Console Panel

Use the Console to log diagnostic information during development or use it as a shell to interact with the JavaScript on the page.

Sources Panel

Debug your JavaScript using breakpoints in the Sources Panel or connect your local files via Workspaces to use DevTools live editor.

Network Panel

Use the Network panel to get insights into requested and downloaded resources and optimize your page load performance.

Timeline Panel

Use the Timeline to improve the run time performance of your page by recording and exploring the various events that happen during the lifecycle of a site.

Profiles Panel

Use the Profiles panel if you need more information than the Timeline provide, for instance to track down memory leaks.

Resources Panel

Use the Resources panel to inspect all resources that are loaded, including IndexedDB or Web SQL databases, local and session storage, cookies, Application Cache, images, fonts, and stylesheets.

Security Panel

Use the Security Panel to debug mixed content issues, problems with your certificate and more.

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Inspect Devices

Inspect Devices

Inspect Devices right within DevTools with our revamped UI.
Class Toggles

Class Toggles

Quickly enable, disable or add new classes to elements.

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