PWAs in any context (Progressive Web App Summit 2016)

Mobile devices accompany us in a wider range of contexts than any web-connected device has before. As those contexts shift, we all often find ourselves using the device in an impaired manner - one handed, distracted, in poor viewing conditions, in a hurry. And with the extremely high uptake of mobile devices across the world, the diversity of users continues to increase as well.

Performance and offline support are both absolutely necessary to creating a viable user experience on mobile, but if we haven't ensured that the user experience is also flexible enough to work with the user's abilities in diverse contexts, we may be letting our users down at the critical moment. By addressing the needs of users with the most permanent impairments, we can ensure our applications support all users in a broad variety of contexts.

This talk will highlight how you can leverage what's already built into the platform to assure the largest audience possible has access to your content, while also exploring techniques you can use to extend the platform when you need to go off-road.

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Music by Terra Monk: