The physical web is all around us

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Microsoft shows off Project Spartan, Beacons by Blesh connect the physical world to your phone, React Native goes open source, catalogs great accessibility, Polymer 0.8 hits the airwaves, and preload links get an intent to implemnt

React Native 0:13

React Native is an open source framework which allows you to run your react app on native iOS. It comes with a bundle of components and you can grab additional add-ons at

Learn more in this video from React.js Conf.

A11y-Wins 0:31

It's hard to find good examples of accessibility websites. To help solve this problem Marcy Sutton has created which covers sites which are doing accessibility right.

Learn more on accessibility by watching Marcy Sutton's talk from Smashing Conf.

Polymer 0.8 0:48

Polymer 0.8 is out in the open and showing great performance boosts with 5x improvement on mobile safari and 8x improvement on desktop Firefox.

Graph show 5x improvement on mobile Safari and 8x improvement on desktop Firefox

Checkout the blog post on the release here and learn more in this Polycast.

Downloading resources can be a major bottleneck and preload links are a new way to give the browser prioritization over what assets to download ahead of time.

With this intent to implement, signals are good that it'll be coming to Chrome.

Project Spartan 1:21

Project Spartan is Microsoft's new browser built to be lean, mean and standards compliant. The Verge took for a test drive and you can learn more from either of these videos from Microsoft.

Still want more? Then no worries, you can check out the Technical Preview of Spartan here.

Physical Web Beacons 1:42

The Physical Web was a project started at Google which uses beacons to transmit signals which are picked up by mobile devices to know what is around them.

Blesh have just released a demo of their physical web beacons which you can watch here.