Polymer - State of the Union (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

The Polymer library has come a long way. Since its 1.0 release at Google I/O and through the Polymer Summit this fall, Polymer has grown to be used by major companies on over a million web pages, and formed the foundation for some of the biggest recent Google web product launches. We’ll talk about the team’s vision and roadmap for the library and project overall, and show off some of the latest things we’ve been working on.

Matthew leads the Polymer team at Google Chrome. Prior to joining Google, he was responsible for the Enyo framework, Ares development environment, and SDK at webOS.

Taylor is the Product Manager for the Polymer team, and a PM on the Open Web Platform team in Chrome. Prior to joining the Polymer team, Taylor worked on creating new front-end features on the Google Search page. He earned his bachelors degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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