BlinkOn 6 Day 1 Talk 7: Lightning Talks

0:00 What makes scrolling slow? (Tim Dresser) 3:19 WebGL 2.0 (oetuaho, NVIDIA) 7:04 WebBluetooth (Jeffrey Yasskin) 10:47 WebUSB (Reilly Grant) 14:26 Recap of the Chrome Diversity Summit (Mike Lawther) 18:10 Web Fonts Updates (Takashi Toyoshima) 21:40 Web MIDI Updates (Takashi Toyoshima) 25:26 Scroll Anchoring (Steve Kobes) 28:21 Skia shared pointers (Florin Malita) 32:18 Predictability in performance measurements (Mircea Trofin) 36:09 Offline content past MHTML (Dmitry Titov) 39:47 Making best use of depot_tools (Andrii Shyshkalov) 43:20 Observer pattern (Stefan Zager) 46:49 Subsetting the Web (Ojan Vafai) 50:20 First meaningful paint metric (Kunihiko Sakamoto) 53:24 Tracing from V8 to Blink (Marcel Hlopko) 56:25 Making alert() dialogs behave (Avi Drissman) 58:33 Pointer Events (Navid Zolghadr) 1:01:25 Tracing v2 (Primiano Tucci) 1:04:53 Silent push and background service workers (Jennifer Harkness) 1:08:34 Oilpan (Keishi Hattori) 1:11:50 Chromium Code of Conduct (Erik Staab) 1:15:03 Testing Skia on Android with Swarming and Raspberry Pi (Stephan Altmueller) 1:18:17 Rendering pipeline throttling (Sami Kyostila) 1:21:15 Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions (Dongseong Hwang) 1:24:53 What's up with Slimming Paint (Chris Harrelson) 1:28:20 How to WTF::bind() pointers (Hiroshige Hayashizaki) 1:30:10 CSS4 user-select (Yoichi Osato)