BlinkOn 5: Lightning Talks

0:45 What's next in Oilpan after shipping? (Kentaro Hara) 3:13 CSS Round Display (Joone Hur) 7:02 WebCapsule (Roberto Perdisci) 10:23 clang/win (Nico Weber) 13:28 File System APIs (Joshua Bell) 16:40 V8 Extras (Domenic Denicola) 21:51 Cleaning up the Web Platform (Philip Rogers) 24:30 What the Style team thinks about our users (Mike Lawther) 27:35 Ignition: An interpreter for V8 (Orion Hodson) 31:15 Measuring Blink performance at scale (Yuta Kitamura) 34:28 DevTools security panel (Emily Stark) 36:04 Static code analysis for Blink (Yoshifumi Inoue) 40:18 Status of Flexbox (Christian Biesinger) 44:13 Samsung at BlinkOn 5 (Laszlo Gombos) 47:11 Pointer Event implementation update (Mustaq Ahmed) 51:00 Loading efforts (Kinuko Yasuda) 54:23 Rendering Pipeline (Ojan Vafai) 57:33 State of Out-of-Process iframes (Nasko Oskov) 1:00:07 WebGL 2.0 Demo (Ken Russell)


These are a set of lighting talks given at BlinkOn 5, a low-key conference for Blink contributors, held on November 10 and November 11, 2015 in Google’s San Francisco office. More details can be found at