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Blink Lightning talks

Multiple Attendees at the BlinkOn 4 conference gives short talks on topics they are thinking about, interested in or care about. The talks include;

  • Scrolling - "Do sweat the small stuff"
  • Blob Hearding
  • Input Device - Fixing Mouse and Touch events
  • Out of process iframe (OOPIF) status update
  • A Light-Speed Intro to Speed-Infra
  • Binding Team Update
  • Numeric Types
  • Something
  • Layered Web Platform
  • Abusing Flexbox to relive the 90s
  • Shadow DOM
  • Merge repository update
  • Pointer Events

This talk was given at BlinkOn 4, a low-key conference for Blink contributors, held May 13 and 14 2015 in Google’s Sydney office. More details can be found at http://bit.ly/blinkon4onepager

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