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What's New - v6.3.0

WindowBuilder Pro v6.3.0   SWT Designer v6.3.0
Swing Designer v6.3.0   GWT Designer v1.7.0

Support for Web Projects

  • New wizard for creating Web Projects
  • New wizards for creating Applets, HTML pages, JSP pages & Servlets
  • Set Web Project Deployment properties
  • Set Web Project GWT properties
  • New Web Project Deployment command
  • Web Project > Project preferences
  • Web Project > Deployment preferences
  • HTML Templates preferences
  • JSP Templates preferences

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for OSX
  • Support for "Parameters" in GWT launch configuration
  • Support for "URL" in GWT launch configuration
  • Enhanced Compiler checks for valid GWT Java code
  • Automatic project recompilation triggered by gwt.xml file changes
  • QuickFix for adding <inherits name=""/>
  • Use main module URL during remote services deployment

Enhanced SWT support

  • Suppress AbsoluteLayout location/size hints preference

Enhanced Swing support

  • Suppress AbsoluteLayout location/size hints preference
  • Enable editing custom absolute layouts preference

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Enhanced support for singleton and instance factories

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Widget ordering support for AbsoluteLayout
  • Allow Swing property editors for SWT controls
  • Support for SWT property editors for non-visual beans
  • Support for widget resizing by keyboard
  • Linux preview window offset preferences
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