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What's New - v4.2.0

Support for SWT Visual Inheritance

  • Inherit from any Composite or Shell subclass
  • All inherited widgets are visible
  • Access inherited widgets exposed via public or protected accessors
  • Inherited widgets appear in tree with "i" decorator

New "Free cell mode" edit policy for SWT GridLayout

  • Position widgets freely in any open cell
  • Insert new rows and columns between existing cells
  • Rearrange rows and columns via drag/drop
  • Double-click or right-click on header to set/clear horizontal/vertical grab
  • Interactive column and row spanning feedback
  • Right-click on the header area to access the popup header menu
  • Right-click to delete rows and columns
  • Filler labels automatically managed
  • Option for Text widgets to automatically grab horizontally
  • Option to automatically right-align label widgets to the left of text widgets

Support for non-visual beans

  • Non-visual beans placed in a "(non-visual beans)" category
  • Marked in source with "// @wb:location=X,Y" tag
  • Option for creating non-visual beans as fields
  • Reorder non-visual beans via drag/drop

Enhanced SWT support

  • Enhanced support for custom SWT widgets
  • Option to generate Eclipse 3.0-style GridData
  • New "Set tab order" command on container context menu
  • Automatically autosize widgets in null and FormLayout
  • New "Autosize widget" command for FormLayout
  • Reparenting support for Forms ExpandableComposite and Section
  • Enhanced layout assistants for FillLayout & GridLayout
  • Support for protected properties in SWT
  • Support for SWT Point property
  • Support for 3.2 CoolBar vertical style
  • Support for 3.2 sortColumn/sortDirection properties

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Show events for label and main controls for field editors in popup
  • Support for name/icon properties for views/editors
  • Support for view category editing and creation
  • Support for toolbar/coolbar managers on design canvas
  • Create ID field for new ViewPart
  • Wizard for ViewPart adds view declaration in plugin.xml
  • Wizard for EditorPart adds editor declaration in plugin.xml
  • Create view/editor extensions when needed
  • Automatically adapt non-form control
  • Add/remove paintBorders/adapt using popup menu
  • "Adapt control" popup items for Forms API
  • Support for clientVerticalSpacing/marginWidth/marginHeight properties for ExpandableComposite/Section

Enhanced Swing support

  • Show value feedback for insets/padding in GridBagLayout
  • Support for focus traversal policy for Swing
  • New "Set tab order" command on container context menu
  • Automatically autosize widgets in null and SpringLayout
  • New "Flatten Hierarchy" action for Swing container
  • Option for changing size to preferred on move in absolute layout
  • New "Autosize widget" command for SpringLayout
  • Don't show sub-components when "isContainer == FALSE" in bean descriptor
  • Support for custom layout managers
  • Support for JBuilder XYLayout and XYConstraints
  • Support for Swing components from fields
  • Mark container as focus cycle root when setting focus policy

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Option for specifying default code generation method
  • Option to to surround method invocation code with try{}catch{}
  • Support for "this" prefix before field
  • Option for disabling complex expressions evaluations
  • Option for enable/disable reparse after custom component change
  • Support for options for position of event handler inner class
  • Option for removing "real" event handlers during component remove
  • Provide JDK 1.5 versions of ResourceManager as needed
  • Ignore during parsing methods that have single argument subclass of EventObject
  • Support for components from static factories
  • Support for borders from static factories
  • Understand SWT code for controls with more than two arguments in constructor
  • Support for adding new controls with complex constructors
  • Support for constructor arguments for SWT controls
  • Support for enumeration properties

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Option for automatically drop down combo property editors on activation
  • "Expose property..." item added to property table popup menu
  • Option to automatically direct edit new widgets
  • Support for editing layout properties with multi-selection
  • Refresh custom components palette after receiving focus
  • Support for preferred property descriptors
  • Remember expansion state in image selection dialog
  • Group constructor properties in complex "constructor" property
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