GWT Designer Quick Start


  1. Install the latest GWT SDK or Google Plugin for Eclipse.
  2. Install the latest GWT Designer build into Eclipse 3.5 or 3.6.
  3. If you have installed the GWT SDK, you need to specify the path to your GWT installation directory.
  4. Create a new GWT project using the GPE or the GWT Designer GWT/Java project wizard.
  5. Use the GWT Designer EntryPoint wizard to create your first GWT UI or edit an existing UI.
  6. Choose an appropriate panel type for your UI.
  7. Add various components from the Palette and edit their properties using the Property Pane.
  8. Visually create and edit your window's menubar.
  9. Add event handlers to various widgets to provide behavior.
  10. If you create a new Panel, you can embed it in another window using the Choose Component command.
  11. You can test launch your window by right-clicking on it and selecting Run As > GWT Application.
  12. Internationalize your application and manage multiple locales.
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