GWT AbsolutePanel

AbsolutePanel provides a simple x,y oriented layout. During layout, the component is shown moving with a tooltip showing its current location or size. Dynamic snap / alignment points are provided to make it convenient to align the component with other components or the window margin. Resizing a component also snaps to the preferred size of the resized component or to the size (vertical or horizontal) of any other component on the same parent.

Main Features

  • Select AbsolutePanel from the Panels palette

  • Graphical feedback is provided for all widget size and position operations


Graphical Feedback

  • Position and size widgets using snapping feedback


  • Provide position and size feedback via tooltips


  • Align widgets horizontally and vertically


  • Indent widgets intelligently

  • Align widgets to margins

  • Replicate widget heights and widths


  • Align and center widgets using toolbar

  • Set size and location (association) properties using the Property Pane

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