Error Reporting

When something unexpected happens (such as an exception being thrown) while trying to parse a user interface class or perform a design view operation, the editor will display the following error page:


The Create Report button opens up an error reporting dialog that will create a bug report that you can submit to the bug tracking system along with all the needed supporting details.

The Reparse button will cause the current class to be reparsed.

The Switch to code button will switch the editor back to the Source view.

Clicking the Show stack trace link will reveal the captured stack trace. Clicking the link a second time will hide the stack trace.

Create Report Dialog

Clicking the Create Report button will open the Create Report Dialog:

  The dialog contains several fields for entering information about the problem and several options for attaching important support info:
  • The Eclipse workspace .metadata/.log file is attached. This contains any exceptions triggered as part of the error.
  • A screenshot of the design view immediately prior to the exception will be attached. Additional screenshots may be attached.
  • The Compilation unit of error (the currently edited class) may be optionally attached (this is recommended). Reproducible test cases are very important for quick problem resolution.
  • The Entire project of error (the currently edited project) may be optionally attached (recommended if the current class has a lot of dependencies). Reproducible test cases are very important for quick problem resolution, so including any classes needed to compile the class you are editing can be important.
  • A Software and hardware summary is automatically attached to the case in order to identify any possible conflicts.
  • The WindowBuilder preferences are automatically attached to the case.
  • Any additional File attachments may be optionally added to the case (your eclipse.ini file, for example, or any other classes needed by the class you are editing).

Clicking the OK button will generate a ZIP file that should be manually submitted to the WindowBuilder forum or bug tracking system (Bugzilla > Tools > WindowBuilder).


Click on the Screenshots add.. link to attach additional screenshots to the case.


Software and hardware summary

Click on the Software and hardware summary view.. link to see the software and hardware info that will be sent along with the case.

File attachments

Click on the File attachments add.. link to attach additional files to the case (such as your eclipse.ini file).


Manually submit to forum or bug tracking system

A ZIP file that includes all of the case data (including any images and files) is created and should be posted to the WindowBuilder forum or bug tracking system (Bugzilla > Tools > WindowBuilder).

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