About the Waze Transport SDK

You can join a group of pioneering companies in the transportation space by becoming a partner and using the Waze Transport SDK. We aim to provide technology and data intelligence to improve your business, while increasing the transparency and efficiency between your drivers and riders.

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SDK capabilities

The Waze Transport SDK links your app to Waze and provides free driving data. With the Waze Transport SDK, you can:

  • Get ETA & routing points: Add capabilities like drive and arrival time calculations, based on Waze's real-time traffic and location data
  • Access navigation & fastest routes quickly: Drivers seamlessly switch between your app and Waze to find the fastest routes and avoid unforeseen delays
  • Gain unique insight: Use the Waze SDK to generate transportation data such as travel times for service deliveries

The SDK is not for partners to build their own navigation app. However, you may use the data provided as part of your app's customer experience and user interface.

The SDK does not support the following:

  • Server-side access to Waze data, like traffic reports, speed, etc
  • Embedding the Waze map and navigation in your app
  • Building a route planning and sharing tool
  • Building a fleet management tool
  • SLA-based paid service

Technical requirements

The Waze Transport SDK is available with the following technical requirements:

OS Version Waze Version
Android 4.4+ 4.4+
iOS 8.0+ 4.8+

Comparing the Waze Transport SDK and Waze Deep Links

The Waze Transport SDK is intended for transportation apps that are used by high frequency, professional drivers and customers.

If you aren't interested in receiving routing data from Waze and if your drivers don't require a mechanism to switch between Waze and your app frequently, then Waze Deep Links is the more lightweight and suitable solution.

Waze Deep Links lets you open the Waze client application through an external URL, which can be accessed from another mobile app or a mobile web page.

The following table lists the capabilities of the Waze Transport SDK and Waze Deep Links:

Waze Transport SDK Waze Deep Links
Start a drive from your app
Trigger a search in Waze from your app
Set the Waze map to a specific location from your app
Open Waze from your mobile website
Button in Waze which brings users back to your app
Data sent to your app from Waze:

  • ETA (to both driver and passenger apps)
  • Route points (lat, lon)
  • Next turn instruction (right, left, u-turn, etc)
  • Distance to next turn

(Can be disabled)