Google Wallet API onboarding guide

The Google Wallet API lets you offer digital passes that your users can save directly into their Google Wallet. This guide will take you through the essential steps you should complete before issuing your first pass using the Google Wallet API.

Before you begin, check out our helpful introductory documentation to familiarize yourself with all of the concepts you will need to know to use the Google Wallet API to issue passes to your users. Here are some useful links to get you started:

A Google Wallet API Issuer account lets you create passes and issue them to Google Wallet users. An Issuer Account also gives you access to the Google Wallet API Dashboard in the Google Pay & Wallet console, where you can manage your account.

Set up an Issuer account

To use the Google Wallet REST API and Android SDK, you must generate and register credentials that will be used to authenticate that your client has permission to make requests on behalf of a specific issuer account. These credentials will be sent with every request to the Google Wallet API, and ensure you Issuer account remains secure.

Generate REST API credentials Generate Android SDK credentials

A Passes Class can be thought of as a shared template that passes are created from. A Passes Class defines certain properties that will be included in all passes that use it. A Pass Issuer can create multiple classes, each with their own distinctive set of properties that define attributes like style and appearance, as well as additional features like Smart Tap, and the Enrollment and Sign In.

Before applying for publishing access, you must create at least one Passes Class. The easiest way to create your first Passes Class is in the Google Wallet Business Console.

Create a Passes Class

Once you have completed all of the onboarding steps in this guide, you are ready to start issuing passes to your users with the Google Wallet API. To get started, check out our tutorials and other resources to help you learn to build your first pass.

Build your first pass