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Google TV Optimized Templates

The Google TV UI Templates provide two approaches to a video playback site designed for a 10-foot, living room experience. The templates are provided in both HTML5 and Flash. All of them support full keyboard navigation and support for the video playback controls on the Google TV remote.

  1. Terms of Service
  2. Template 1
  3. Template 2
  4. Download the Templates
  5. Template Requirements

Terms of Service

What You must read

There are two sets of TOS you must read before using Google TV Optimized Templates.

By actually using the Google TV Optimized Templates, you agree that use of them constitutes acceptance of these terms of service from that point onwards.

Template 1

Tiered Content Playback

Template 1 provides a full-featured video playback site for playing either HTML5 or Flash video content.

Main Menu

The main menu of the template displays a set of video categories and a scrolling page of thumbnails to select the videos. This screenshot, from the Flash version of the template, shows this page:

Fullscreen Playback Page

After the user has chosen a video, they move to the Fullscreen playback page. Here they can view the video in full screen, as well as access a carousel of video thumbnails to select a new video. They can also choose to view details about the video on the details page.

Details Page

The Details page keeps the video playing in an inset window while providing the user with descriptive text on the video they are watching. Also provided is a ratings view with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons for them to vote on it. The screenshot below, from the HTML5 version of the template, shows the Details page:

Template 2

Single-Page Playback

Template 2 provides a single-page video playback site, again for either HTML5 or Flash video content.

Category Bar

Across the top of the page, the user has access to a navigation bar with various video categories available on the site. The categories are customizable to the needs of the site.

Video Carousel

As in the Template 1, the user has access to a scrolling carousel of video thumbnails, allowing them to easily switch between videos. Each video in the carousel has a drop-down bubble with quick details about the video. Below is a screenshot from the Flash version showing this:

Playback Controls

The template also provides visual playback controls and a progress bar on the bottom. The top and bottom navigation areas automatically fade out after a few seconds of inactivity, clearing the screen for the full video. Here's a screenshot from the HTML5 version of the template:

Download the Templates

Download both the HTML5 and Flash templates at gtv-resources

If you're interested in the HTML5 templates, you can get more information about them, including how to integrate them with your site, in this HTML5 Template Starter Guide

If the Flash templates are more your style, read about using them and integrating them with your site in this Flash Template Starter Guide

Template Requirements


The Google TV browser runs an enhanced version 10.1 of Flash Player supporting the Adobe StageVideo API. As a result, you'll need the following to develop and test with these templates:

  • You'll need the Adobe Flash 10.2 plugin in a desktop browser for testing
  • For development, install the Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK in your development environment/IDE.

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