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Using Location Hash To Enable BACK/FORWARD Navigation - June 2011
Improve user experience in your web app by enabling the ability for users to trigger browser BACK/FORWARD events to navigate between app states. Learn how to do this in both HTML and ActionScript3.
Hybrid Apps - Native Features in a Web App - March 2013
This article goes through a sample application to demonstrate native video playback controlled by a web app. You will learn how to communicate between native and web apps and be able to add in your own native functionality.

Partners & Developers

NET-A-PORTER TV for Google TV: From Concept to Build - March 2011
NET-A-PORTER.COM is the first online fashion retailer to build a 10-foot web application for Google TV. Take a deeper dive into the history, concepts, and challenges behind this project as written directly by our partners who developed NET-A-PORTER TV. This article covers everything from initial concepts to video production considerations and contains interesting topics for developers, designers, and producers.

Google TV jQuery UI Library

Using Google TV jQuery UI Library Controls - January 2011
A tutorial on using a few of the controls from the new Google TV jQuery UI Library. Walks you through building a photo viewing page with a scrolling thumbnail bar, filled in from a live Picasa feed. Includes sample implementations.
Using Google TV jQuery UI Library Key Navigation - January 2011
All about the keyboard navigation support in the Google TV jQuery UI Library. Explains what it can do, with code examples and a detailed discussion of its capabilities.

Google TV Closure UI Library

Introduction to Closure-based Google TV UI library - March 2011
Rationale behind building library focusing TV interfaces.
Getting started with Closure-based Google TV UI library - March 2011
Introduces the process of using the TV UI Closure library in a web page.
Your first page with Closure-based Google TV UI library - March 2011
Code walk how to create simple page using Closure based Google TV UI library.
Writing custom components - March 2011
How to write custom component.
D-Pad Navigable Registration Form Using Google TV Closure UI Library - October 2011
We show how to implement a D-Pad navigable registration form using the Google TV Closure UI Library for optimized experience on Google TV.

Google TV UI Templates

Google TV UI Templates, AJAX, and PHP/MySQL April 2011
This article demonstrates how to dynamically load video content from a backend database when using Google TV UI Templates. We show step-by-step how to implement AJAX calls with the Google TV HTML5 Templates, and how to dynamically fetch videos and meta data from a MySQL database using PHP.

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