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Google TV Second-screen sample applications

Google TV Remote

Turn your Android device into a fully functional Google TV remote! Use the mouse pad, arrow keys, and the full range of buttons. You can also share videos and web pages with the TV and even use your voice to search for content. The Google TV Android Remote is available to install on your Android device on the Google Play Store. The Google TV Android Remote uses the Google TV Pairing Protocol and the Anymote Protocol.
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Anymote Library

Include the Anymote library in your Android application to connect and communicate with Google TV using the Anymote protocol. This library encapsulates Pairing and Anymote protocol details and provides a simple interface to your application to connect and send events to Google TV. Check out the BlackJack TV Remote sample app to see how to simple it is to use the Anymote library in your Android application.
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BlackJack remote app and Google TV app

The BlackJack Remote app is a Android application which is a customized controller for the corresponding BlackJack app on Google TV. It demonstrates how to use the Anymote Library.
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The BlackJack Google TV app is a demo Google TV application that can receives events from the BlackJack Remote app.
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