Google TV

Second-screen Applications

Second screen applications involve interactivity between smart phones, tablets, or other devices and TV. A second screen application could be a controller for a Google TV application or it could add more functionality to a Google TV application. For example, the YouTube Remote application enables users to browse videos on their smart phone and play them on Google TV. It also displays the news and topics related to the selected video on the smart phone. The Google TV Remote application can act as a replacement for the hardware keyboard for Google TV and allows users to control their TV using their smart phone.

How do I start?

All Google TV devices implement the Anymote service which can receive and respond to Anymote Protocol messages. You can write Android apps for phones or tablets that send Anymote messages to this service.

For information on how to create a second-screen application for communicating with Google TV, see the section Developing Second-screen App.

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