Google TV

Basic Setup

  1. System Requirements
  2. Installing the Android SDK

This topic describes how to set up your development environment for developing Android applications for Google TV.

System requirements

Ensure that your development workstation and environment meet the system requirements for developing applications with the Android SDK. These requirements are listed in the topic Android System Requirements in the Android Developers Guide.

These are the system requirements for Google TV application development:

  • SDK Platform Android 3.1, API 12 (or later).
  • Android SDK Tools revision 12 (or later).

    Note: Support for Google TV emulation on Linux workstations with an AMD processor will be available in Android SDK Tools revision 14.

  • Android SDK Platform-tools revision 6 (or later).

In addition to these requirements, Google TV emulation requires a Linux workstation with KVM. To see the complete list of requirements for Google TV emulation, please read the topic Google TV Emulation.

Installing the Android SDK

If you haven't done so already, install the Android SDK or, if necessary, upgrade your existing SDK. Do the same for your SDK Tools and SDK Platform-tools.

To learn how to install or upgrade the SDK, please refer to the topic Installing the SDK in the Android Developers Guide.

Once you have the proper version of the Android SDK in your development environment, you can optionally add in the Google TV Add-on. To learn more about this, please read the topic GoogleTV Add-On.

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