Google TV


Google TV is based on the Android platform. To write Android applications for Google TV, you first have to understand the general principles of Android applications. These are covered in the detail in the Android Developers Guide.

The documentation you are reading now is specifically for Android on Google TV. It is divided into seven parts, listed as headers in the table of contents on the left side of this page:

  • Basics: An introduction to the Android platform on Google TV.
  • Developing: Setting up Google TV development environment and guidelines and procedures for developing Android applications on Google TV.
  • User Interface: Designing and developing user interfaces specifically for Google TV.
  • Channel Lineup: Retrieving information about the available channels and displaying it or using it to change the channel.
  • Media Playback: Playing media content from your application. This section also contains a list of Google TV-supported media formats.
  • Google Play Store Publishing: Publishing your application to the Android Market for Google TV.
  • Migrating applications: Migrating an existing Android application to Google TV.

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