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GoogleTV Add-On

  1. Add-On Contents
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Installing the Add-On
  4. Revisions

Google TV SDK Add-on allows developers to create Google TV-specific Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) for the Android emulator.

Contents and Features

  • Google TV system image for emulator
  • Display resolutions of 720p and 1080p with and without overscan.
  • Google TV specific hardware configuration options for emulator
  • API reference and documentation for Channel Listing Content Provider
  • Prerequisites

    • The Android SDK system requirements, as documented in the topic Basic Android Environment Setup.
    • For Google TV emulator, CPU support for one of the following virtualization extensions
      • Intel Virtualization Technology (VT, VT-x, vmx) extensions
      • AMD Virtualization (AMD-V, SVM) extensions (only supported for Linux)

    Installing the Add-On

    The Google TV Add-on package is available from the Android AVD and SDK Manager.

    To install the Add-on:

    1. If the Android SDK and AVD Manager is not running, start it. To learn how to do this, please read the topic Adding SDK Components.
    2. You should see the path to your Android SDK installation at the top of the right hand pane. If you don't, exit the SDK and AVD Manager, find the directory that contains the SDK that you want to use, and run the Manager from that directory.
    3. In the left hand pane, click Available Packages. In the right hand pane, under Packages available for download, expand the entry Third party Add-ons. A progress bar may display as the SDK Manager downloads information.
    4. In the right hand pane, under Third party Add-ons, you should see a list of one or more entries. One of them should start with Google Inc.. Expand this entry. A progress bar may display as the SDK Manager downloads information.
    5. In the right hand pane, under Google Inc., you should now see one or more entries with a label that starts with Google TV. Expand the entry for the latest version, then at the bottom of the window click Install selected.
    6. In the next dialog, click Accept All on the right, then click Install. A progress bar appears as the new package is downloaded.

    You now have the Google TV Add-on. To learn how to run the emulator, see the section Using Emulator .


    Google TV Add-on API Level 13

    • Android SDK Platform-tools revision 12 or later.
    • If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, note that the SDK Tools r20.0.3 is designed for use with ADT 20.0.3 and later. If you haven't already, update your ADT Plugin to 20.0.3.
    • If you are developing outside Eclipse, you must have Apache Ant 1.8 or later.
    New Features:
    • Google TV emulation support with new Google TV API Level 13 system image for emulator.
    • Google TV emulation support for Windows and OS X in addition to Linux. System CPU should support virtualization extensions.
    • Chrome browser application included in Google TV system image for emulator.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed problem with web search.

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