Google TV

How to develop for Google TV?

The big screen is a huge developer opportunity with billions of viewers. Developing for Google TV is familiar and easy. Google TV is built on tools you already know how to use: Android & Chrome. Develop applications on a single platform across TV, mobile, and tablet without investing significant extra resources.

Android Apps

Optimize your existing Android application or create something unique for the TV.

Web Apps

Learn how to optimize your website for the 10-foot user experience.

Multi-screen Apps

Create your own remote control or integrate the functionality into another app.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a new experience that combines traditional TV, the web, and apps together with search and discovery functionality. It is a software platform that is pre-installed on a TV or buddy box that connects to a TV.

Google TV is driving innovation with an open platform strategy that integrates seamlessly with existing cable, satellite, terrestrial, or IPTV subscriptions to enhance the television-viewing experience. Google TV is built on Android and Chrome platforms that provide a scalable way to bring your apps to TV.

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