The security and privacy hub is the central place for all security and privacy features supported by Google Tag Manager. This hub offers guidance on the following topics:
  • Protecting user choices with consent mode
  • Getting ready for first-party data with server-side tagging
  • Managing Tag Manager accounts and user permissions
  • Improving Tag Manager container security
Google's consent mode API lets you capture users' privacy choices, while still retaining the best measurement possible.
To capture users' consent choices, you need a cookie banner on your website. You can implement a banner by using a CMP tag from the Template Gallery or manually implement a cookie banner and consent mode.
Consent mode is available through Firebase analytics both on iOS and Android.
If you are maintaining a cookie banner and want to integrate Google's consent mode, create a tag template and upload it to the Template Gallery.

Server-side tagging

Server-side tagging is made for the privacy-first future

When you implement a server container in Tag Manager, you unlock:
  • Data transparency: A single data stream from your website to your own secure server provides insight into collected and transmitted data.
  • Control: You have the option to redact or augment data before it ever reaches Google or third parties.
  • Durable measurement: The server container supports enhanced conversions and consent mode. When cookies are set server-side, you build a strong foundation for conversion modeling.
  • Flexibility: Server containers come with native integrations for Google's Ads ecosystem, Google Cloud Platform, and third-party measurement solutions.

Tag Manager container security

Tag Manager supports measures to run your containers with a content security policy. Additionally, you can restrict which tag types are allowed to run in your container.
If you run a content security policy on your website, you need to allow Tag Manager and Preview mode to be executed.
Set up rules to allow or block the use of certain tag types.

Account management

Tag Manager allows you to delegate access to other users at the account and container level. Account-level permissions can be set to either Admin or User. Container-level permissions allow for more granular access.
Administrators can enable 2-step verification to ask for verification before modifying the following:
  • Custom JavaScript variables
  • Custom HTML tags
  • User settings

Support options

If you need more support with implementing your measurement tags, you can reach out to Google-certified partners or ask the community.