User privacy overview

Websites and apps use Google measurement services to gather and store information about user behavior. Google takes seriously the responsibility to protect the data and the privacy of our customers and their users. As a developer, you can manage privacy and user consent using the following:

IAB CCPA data processing

TCF provides an alternative way of obtaining and tracking consent state. Advertisers who choose to use the IAB signal should follow the technical specification provided by the IAB Tech Lab to implement the us_privacy string on their pages.

Learn more about IAB TCF for Google Ads or Google Analytics.

Google Ads tags interact with the advertiser's page to retrieve the us_privacy string and apply restricted data processing when the string indicates a user has opted out.

  • When the IAB string indicates a user has not opted out, there will be no changes to behavior.
  • When the IAB string indicates a user has opted out, Google will enable restricted data processing.