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PageSpeed Insights Browser Extensions

PageSpeed Insights is available as an open-source browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Webmasters and web developers can use PageSpeed Insights to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

PageSpeed Insights performs several tests on a site's web server configuration and front-end code. These tests are based on a set of best practices known to enhance web page performance. Webmasters who run PageSpeed Insights on their pages get a score for each page, as well as suggestions on how to improve its performance. By following the suggestions you can make your site faster, keep Internet users engaged with your site, reduce your bandwidth and hosting costs and improve the web!

Three steps to the PageSpeed Insights extension

PageSpeed Insights extensions periodically checks for updates. If an update is available, the browser will give you the option of downloading the newer version of PageSpeed Insights to get the latest updates to the rules and functionality that is added by the community.

Run PageSpeed Insights against your web pages

Follow the instructions to use PageSpeed Insights in Chrome or Firefox. When you visit a web page, open PageSpeed Insights and click "Analyze Performance" to get a performance report for that page. PageSpeed will present you with a set of rules and recommendations. Before you start changing the scripts and resources on your pages, press on the rule to understand what it is pointing out and its background.

Get familiar with the tool. There are a number of features that are easily accessible from the menus of the extension. In particular, for the Firefox extension, in the top tab called "PageSpeed", a caret next to the text gives you the ability to set preferences for how PageSpeed runs and where it saves optimized resources.

Learn more about Web Performance

The field of web performance is a complex space. While there are many interesting books, blog posts and discussion forums, we provide a set of pages related to web performance and organize it in terms of contribution to the speed of a web page, whether by serving less bytes (through better compression or caching), minimizing round-trips and optimizing the order of resource download for the browser.

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