Sign Up for the Safe Browsing API

The Safe Browsing API is an API that enables client applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated blacklists of suspected phishing and malware pages. An API key should be used for each client side implementation of the API. API clients must implement incremental updates and an exponential backoff scheme as described in the Developer's Guide. Keep in mind that this API is experimental and we fully expect to change the protocol over time to improve the service. You must have a Google Account to get an Safe Browsing API key, and your API key will be connected to your Google Account.

Here are some highlights from the terms for those of you who aren't lawyers:

  • If you tell your users about the phishing and malware protection being provided, then you must also let them know the protection is not perfect, following guidelines at
  • If your service warns users about particular sites, the warning needs to follow the language and attribution guidelines at
  • You may only warn users about a particular site if your application has checked with Google for a list update within the past thirty minutes and confirmed that the URL is on the updated list.
  • We will limit the number of users you can support with a single API key. If you expect to have more than 10,000 users sending regular requests to the API, you must cache the data on your servers and serve it to your users yourself. More information

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