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Google.Apis.CloudMachineLearningEngine.v1.Data.GoogleCloudMlV1MeasurementMetric Class Reference

A message representing a metric in the measurement. More...

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virtual string Metric [get, set]
 Required. Metric name. More...
virtual System.Nullable< double > Value [get, set]
 Required. The value for this metric. More...
virtual string ETag [get, set]
 The ETag of the item. More...
- Properties inherited from Google::Apis::Requests::IDirectResponseSchema
string ETag

Detailed Description

A message representing a metric in the measurement.

Property Documentation

◆ ETag

virtual string Google.Apis.CloudMachineLearningEngine.v1.Data.GoogleCloudMlV1MeasurementMetric.ETag

The ETag of the item.

◆ Metric

virtual string Google.Apis.CloudMachineLearningEngine.v1.Data.GoogleCloudMlV1MeasurementMetric.Metric

Required. Metric name.

◆ Value

virtual System.Nullable<double> Google.Apis.CloudMachineLearningEngine.v1.Data.GoogleCloudMlV1MeasurementMetric.Value

Required. The value for this metric.

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