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Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest Class Reference

Updates a shipment's status, carrier, and/or tracking ID. More...

Inheritance diagram for Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest:
Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.ShoppingContentBaseServiceRequest< Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.Data.OrdersUpdateShipmentResponse >

Public Member Functions

 UpdateshipmentRequest (Google.Apis.Services.IClientService service, Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.Data.OrdersUpdateShipmentRequest body, ulong merchantId, string orderId)
 Constructs a new Updateshipment request. More...

Protected Member Functions

override object GetBody ()
 summary>Gets the method name. More...
override void InitParameters ()
 Initializes Updateshipment parameter list. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.ShoppingContentBaseServiceRequest< Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.Data.OrdersUpdateShipmentResponse >
 ShoppingContentBaseServiceRequest (Google.Apis.Services.IClientService service)
 Constructs a new ShoppingContentBaseServiceRequest instance. More...
override void InitParameters ()
 Initializes ShoppingContent parameter list. More...


virtual ulong MerchantId [get]
 The ID of the account that manages the order. This cannot be a multi-client account. More...
virtual string OrderId [get]
 The ID of the order. More...
override string MethodName [get]
 summary>Gets the HTTP method. More...
override string HttpMethod [get]
 summary>Gets the REST path. More...
override string RestPath [get]
- Properties inherited from Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.ShoppingContentBaseServiceRequest< Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.Data.OrdersUpdateShipmentResponse >
virtual System.Nullable< AltEnum > Alt [get, set]
 Data format for the response. More...
virtual string Fields [get, set]
 Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response. More...
virtual string Key [get, set]
 API key. Your API key identifies your project and provides you with API access, quota, and reports. Required unless you provide an OAuth 2.0 token. More...
virtual string OauthToken [get, set]
 OAuth 2.0 token for the current user. More...
virtual System.Nullable< bool > PrettyPrint [get, set]
 Returns response with indentations and line breaks. More...
virtual string QuotaUser [get, set]
 An opaque string that represents a user for quota purposes. Must not exceed 40 characters. More...
virtual string UserIp [get, set]
 Deprecated. Please use quotaUser instead. More...

Detailed Description

Updates a shipment's status, carrier, and/or tracking ID.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UpdateshipmentRequest()

Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.UpdateshipmentRequest ( Google.Apis.Services.IClientService  service,
Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.Data.OrdersUpdateShipmentRequest  body,
ulong  merchantId,
string  orderId 

Constructs a new Updateshipment request.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBody()

override object Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.GetBody ( )

summary>Gets the method name.

◆ InitParameters()

override void Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.InitParameters ( )

Initializes Updateshipment parameter list.

Property Documentation

◆ HttpMethod

override string Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.HttpMethod

summary>Gets the REST path.

◆ MerchantId

virtual ulong Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.MerchantId

The ID of the account that manages the order. This cannot be a multi-client account.

◆ MethodName

override string Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.MethodName

summary>Gets the HTTP method.

◆ OrderId

virtual string Google.Apis.ShoppingContent.v2_1.OrdersResource.UpdateshipmentRequest.OrderId

The ID of the order.

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