An initiative to develop technologies that protect privacy and provide tools to build thriving digital businesses:

  • Develop new features to keep your information private.
  • Enable publishers and developers to keep online content free.
  • Collaborate with the industry to build new internet privacy standards.

Privacy Sandbox features are being implemented for both the Web and Android, to phase out third-party cookies, limit covert tracking, and strengthen privacy.

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Get ready for third-party cookie restrictions by learning about Chrome's proposed third-party cookie deprecation timeline and new Tracking Protection feature.
Learn about the Privacy Sandbox solutions for enabling advertising use cases without third-party identifiers.
For advertisers and DSPs who are interested in buying ad space and measuring the performance of ads.
For publishers and SSPs who are interested in selling ad space and measuring the performance of ads.

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The latest news and updates on Privacy Sandbox
The Privacy Sandbox team was at Google I/O 2024 to share the latest news on third-party cookie deprecation.
Chrome 125 starts an origin trial for Button Mode API and updates to CORS and SameSite.
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