Orkut Application Platform


Lets you view counters related to a user.


Retrieves the counters of a user.

Resource Representations

The counters of an Orkut user.

  "kind": "orkut#counters",
  "items": [
      "name": string,
      "total": integer,
      "link": {
        "href": string,
        "rel": string,
        "type": string,
        "title": string
Property Name Value Description Notes
kind string Identifies this resource as a collection of counters. Value: "orkut#counters"
items[] list List of counters retrieved.
items[].name string The name of the counted collection. Currently supported collections are:
  • scraps - The scraps of the user.
  • photos - The photos of the user.
  • videos - The videos of the user.
  • pendingTestimonials - The pending testimonials of the user.
items[].total integer The number of resources on the counted collection.
items[].link.href string URL of the link.
items[].link.rel string Relation between the resource and the parent object.
items[].link.type string Media type of the link.
items[].link.title string Title of the link.

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