Orkut Application Platform


Orkut doesn't expose a collection of visibility objects, but rather a single resource for each activity. 


Therefore there's no list operation because there's always a single item for each activity. Likewise, since the visibility always exists, there's no delete operation either. 

Gets the visibility of an existing activity.
Updates the visibility of an existing activity.
Updates the visibility of an existing activity. This method supports patch semantics.

Resource Representations

A visibility object that describes the visibility of a resource to the authenticated user. When users hide activities from their activity stream, for example, this resource is updated.

  "kind": "orkut#visibility",
  "visibility": string,
  "links": [
      "href": string,
      "rel": string,
      "type": string,
      "title": string
Property Name Value Description Notes
kind string Identifies this resource as a visibility item. Value: "orkut#visibility"
visibility string The visibility of the resource. Possible values are:
  • default: not hidden by the user
  • hidden: hidden
links[].href string URL of the link.
links[].rel string Relation between the resource and the parent object.
links[].type string Media type of the link.
links[].title string Title of the link.

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