Orkut Application Platform


Whether it's an outage announcement or the launch of a cool new feature you had been waiting for, staying up to date with recent news about the platform is very important to your life as developer. This page lists the channels through which you can stay up to date with the news about Orkut development and the Google Developer Platform in general.

Forums and Blogs

  • Orkut Developer Forum. This forum, apart from being a great place for community interaction, is also the primary way to learn about day-to-day news about the Orkut Developer Platform. Most of the important announcements that impact Orkut developers are made there. Therefore, if you have published applications or if you are in the course of developing one, we highly recommend that you visit this forum regularly!

  • The OpenSocial Blog. Follow this blog for news and notes about the OpenSocial standard and ecosystem.

  • OpenSocial-BR (GTUG) blog. (Portuguese language only) A blog about OpenSocial run by the Brazilian community of OpenSocial developers.

  • Google Code Blog. Read this blog for the latest updates on Google APIs and developer tools.

  • Orkut Developer Blog (deprecated)


For constant updates about our developer tools, follow our developer-oriented channels on Twitter:

  • @googlecode. News about Google APIs in general (English)
  • @googledevbr. News for Brazilian developers (Portuguese)
  • @google. News and updates from Google

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