Google Summer of Code 2005

This is a page lists the students and organizations that participated in the Google Summer of Code 2005 program. If you you are interested in the latest program information, see the main Summer of Code page.

Participating Organizations

Apache Software Foundation



  • J2EP (tomcat-reverse-proxy)

    by Anders Nyman, mentored by Tim Funk
  • A partial refactoring of WSRP4J, as well as a set of new features.

    by Diego Louzan Martinez, mentored by Julie MacNaught
  • Bandwidth Mod

    by Ivan Barrera, mentored by Ian Holsman
  • mod_smtpd adds SMTP support to Apache httpd 2.x.

    by Jem Berkes, mentored by Nick Kew
  • AJAX skin for jetspeed2

    by Juan Núñez Jaramillo, mentored by Santiago Gala
  • Bootstrapping Maven w/ Gump3

    by Justin Merz, mentored by Leo Simons
  • Cocoon Forms Library

    by Max Pfingsthorn, mentored by Reinhard Poetz
  • httpd-mbox-if

    by Maxime Petazzoni, mentored by Ian Holsman
  • mod-cache-requester - Apache

    by Parinkumar Shah, mentored by Ian Holsman
  • mod_smtpd

    by Rian Hunter, mentored by Nick Kew
  • James Admin Console

    by Srinivas Anne, mentored by Danny Angus
  • LeboN - An example web application with MyFaces

    by Tessy Kizhakkekara, mentored by Martin Marinschek
  • Apache Kandula

    by Thilina Gunarathne, mentored by Sanjiva Weerawarana
  • StaX parser for Axis C++

    by Weerapurage Dinesh Premalal, mentored by Ajith Ranabahu
  • Apache Commons Math Numerical Enhancements

    by Xiaogang Zhang, mentored by Phil Steitz
  • Tune Apache Tomcat Jasper JSP Compilation Performance

    by Xingbo Gao, mentored by Yoav Shapira




  • Extending Inverse Kinematics For Blender

    by Brecht Van Lommel, mentored by Ton Roosendaal
  • curves/surfaces, Nurbana integration

    by Emmanuel Stone, mentored by Martin Poirier
  • Blender/FFMPEG

    by Ian Gowen, mentored by Alexander Ewering
  • Boolean Development

    by Marc Freixas, mentored by Alexander Ewering
  • Fluid Simulation with Blender

    by Nils Thuerey, mentored by Jonathan Merritt
  • PyTexture

    by Timothy Wakeham, mentored by Campbell Barton




  • Oxyd

    by Jérémi Joslin, mentored by Vincent Massol
  • Implementation of JSR-88 (J2EE Application Deployment) support classes for Cargo.

    by Lev Olkhovich, mentored by Vincent Massol
  • Implementing Support for JBoss Application Server on Cargo

    by Nyoman Winardi, mentored by Vincent Massol
  • Implemented the WS-RM specification into XFire to allow SOAP messages to be sent reliably between two endpoints

    by Ti Khoi Anh Phan, mentored by Daniel Diephouse




  • WebDAV API for Drupal

    by Fabiano Sant'Ana, mentored by James Walker
  • Drupal Quiz Module

    by Angela Byron, mentored by Károly Négyesi
  • Drupal Automated Test Suite

    by Jakub Zygmunt, mentored by Moshe Weitzman
  • netnews (NNTP) integration for Drupal

    by Jan Blom, mentored by Károly Négyesi
  • drupal subscription module

    by Márton Elek, mentored by Károly Négyesi
  • Drupal - Google Sitemap

    by Matthew Loar, mentored by Gerhard Killesreiter
  • REST API for Drupal

    by Stephan Jaensch, mentored by James Walker
  • Ajax Functionality (Drupal)

    by Steven Wittens, mentored by Robert Douglass
  • Drupal automated test suite

    by Thomas Ilsche, mentored by Moshe Weitzman

Fedora Core



  • preload - an adaptive readahead daemon

    by Behdad Esfahbod, mentored by Elliot Lee
  • An application for Fedora-based live CD generation

    by Darko Ilic, mentored by Elliott Lee
  • pyBackPack

    by Dave Arter, mentored by Elliot Lee
  • Global Command History for Bash

    by Praveenkumar Ponnusamy, mentored by Elliot Lee
  • Python bindings for libparted

    by Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva, mentored by Elliot Lee
  • setting process rlimits

    by Wieland Gmeiner, mentored by Elliot Lee




  • FreeBSD gvinum 'move', 'rename', documentation

    by Chris Jones, mentored by Lukas Ertl
  • csup

    by Christoph Mathys, mentored by Maxime Henrion
  • ssh based networked filesystem for FreeBSD

    by Csaba Henk, mentored by Scott Long
  • FreeSBIE integration in FreeBSD

    by Dario Freni, mentored by Scott Long
  • FreeBSD website redesign and development

    by Emily Boyd, mentored by Murray Stokely
  • gjournal

    by Ivan Voras, mentored by Pawel Dawidek
  • Improve libalias

    by Paolo Pisati, mentored by Luigi Rizzo
  • SNMP client tools using FreeBSD's libbsnmp

    by Shteryana Shopova, mentored by Philip Paeps
  • Porting Mac OS 10.4's launchd(8) tools to FreeBSD

    by Tyler Ballance, mentored by Murray Stokely
  • Fully Integrated SNMP Monitoring

    by Victor Cruceru, mentored by Hartmut Brandt




  • Implement UPnP NAT Traversal into the Gaim project to allow for seamless file transfers and direct connections.

    by Adam Warrington, mentored by Sean Egan
  • Gadu-Gadu Support (in Gaim)

    by Bartosz Oler, mentored by Ethan Blanton
  • Music Messaging

    by Christian Muise, mentored by Gary Kramlich
  • File Transfers via the OSCAR (ICQ/AIM) Protocol

    by Jonathan Clark, mentored by Mark Doliner
  • Rendezvous Plugin for Gaim

    by Juanjo Molinero Horno, mentored by Mark Doliner
  • D-Busified gaim-remote

    by Piotr Zielinski, mentored by Sean Egan
  • SIP/SIMPLE/STUN for gaim

    by Thomas Butter, mentored by Ethan Blanton

The GNOME Foundation



  • iTunes Music Sharing for Rhythmbox

    by Charles Schmidt, mentored by Colin Walters
  • Live Documentation Editor 'Sarma'

    by Danilo Šegan, mentored by Federico Mena-Quintero
  • Improve GNOME startup time

    by Lorenzo Colitti, mentored by Owen Taylor
  • Track changes in a filesystem directory via subversion and nautilus

    by Matt Jones, mentored by Dave Camp
  • gshrooms

    by Raphael Slinckx, mentored by Johan Dahlin
  • Search Party

    by Sanford Armstrong, mentored by Seth Nickell
  • GNOME Panel Extensions

    by Travis Vachon, mentored by Havoc Pennington




  • ASP.NET Editor-Mozilla

    by Blagovest Dachev, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • Bitten

    by Christopher Lenz, mentored by Greg Wilson
  • usb8x

    by Daniel Englender, mentored by Chris DiBona
  • osmo

    by David Wilson, mentored by Evan Martin
  • Tsync

    by James Anderson, mentored by Michael Moss
  • Fedora-ShibFilter

    by Joshua Kent, mentored by Peter Murray
  • Query By Example

    by Meredith Patterson, mentored by Chris Lavoie
  • A VM in Java with tail-calls and continuations

    by Nuno Cruces, mentored by Chris Lavoie
  • XSieve

    by Oleg Paraschenko, mentored by Yoshiki Hayashi
  • Google / Cairo integration into GTK Haskell bindings

    by Paolo Martini, mentored by Evan Martin



  • .NET for GPE (GPE DotNET)

    by Kirill Kononenko, mentored by Erik Hovland
  • GPE syncing

    by Martin Felis, mentored by Phil Blundell
  • RCO (for handwriting ReCOgnition)

    by Nicolas Schoonbroodt, mentored by Erik Hovland




  • Horde_Form Rewrite and AJAX Additions

    by Matt Warden, mentored by Marko Djukic
  • Horde Word Processor

    by Ryan Miller, mentored by Charles Hagenbuch




  • Implement connectors for shapes in Inkscape, with automatic line routing.

    by Michael Wybrow, mentored by Peter Moulder




  • TSC Timekeeping

    by Alex Holkner, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov
  • Enhancements for thrulay (thrulay-ng)

    by Bernhard Lutzmann, mentored by Jeff Boote
  • Noise Calibration / Internet2

    by Cesar Marcondes, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov
  • Enhancements for thrulay

    by Huadong Liu, mentored by Jeff Boote
  • FB-FR-CCP, A Frame Based, Functionally Reliable, Congestion Controlled transport level Protocol.

    by Ivan Beschastnikh, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov

    by Krishna Kumar Rajagopalan, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov
  • Bulk Transport API and Protocols over UDT

    by Roy S.C. Ho, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov
  • A micro-second precision timekeeping toolkit.

    by Xun Luo, mentored by Stanislav Shalunov

Jabber Software Foundation



  • Instant messaging client for Gnome compatible with Jabber protocol, with single-window user interface.

    by Dominik Zablotny, mentored by Peter Saint-Andre
  • dxmpp

    by Jakub Cłapa, mentored by Jacek Konieczny
  • xmpp mtp

    by Shawn Drost, mentored by Peter Saint-Andre
  • Net::XMPP for Ruby is a Ruby implementation of Jabber/XMPP

    by Yuki Mitsui, mentored by Peter Saint-Andre




  • Joomla Version Control System

    by Alek Andreev, mentored by Andy Miller
  • Joomla - Media Manager

    by Mateusz Krzeszowiec, mentored by Mitchell Pirtle
  • Pre-Processor API

    by Richard Allinson, mentored by Johan Janssens
  • Update System for Joomla

    by Samuel Moffatt, mentored by Andrew Eddie




  • reliable multicast protocols in JXTA (RMP)

    by Dimosthenis Pediaditakis, mentored by Mohamed Abdelaziz




  • KHTML Page Media

    by Allan Jensen, mentored by Dirk Mueller
  • KRO

    by David Moreno Montero, mentored by Michael Brade
  • Visual History for Konqueror

    by Han Dianfei, mentored by David Faure
  • Spreadsheet Programming Interface

    by James Horey, mentored by Richard Dale
  • Kontact-scripting

    by Kun Xi, mentored by Till Adam
  • Kamion

    by Milan Mitrovic, mentored by Michael Brade
  • KDE-Eclipse

    by Oleksandr Dymo, mentored by Carsten Pfeiffer
  • Speech recognition in khotkeys

    by Olivier Goffart, mentored by Lubos Lunak
  • oKular

    by Piotr Szymanski, mentored by Chris Howells
  • GTD for Kontact

    by Rafał Rzepecki, mentored by Till Adam
  • Label Browser

    by Ramakrishna R, mentored by Cornelius Schumacher
  • Implement labels feature similar to Gmail for KMail

    by Sachin Gupta, mentored by Cornelius Schumacher
  • PowerPoint import filter for KPresenter

    by Yolla Indria, mentored by Lukas Tinkl




  • Extending the PLT stepper

    by John Clements, mentored by Joe Marshall
  • AxiomUI

    by Kai Kaminski, mentored by Bill Page
  • CFFI (formerly Hello-C)

    by Luís Oliveira, mentored by Kenny Tilton
  • SlimeStepper

    by Svein Ove Aas, mentored by Heow Eide-Goodman




  • LiveJournal S2 DHTML IDE

    by Patrick Walton, mentored by Mark Smith

Project Looking Glass



  • Project Looking Glass - 3D Start Menu

    by Colin Bullock, mentored by Kirk Turner
  • Brings a friendly new experience to the current mailer environment, breaking through the 2D barrier while emulating the real world experience of traditional mail.

    by Dai Odahara, mentored by Calvin Cheng
  • Natural Language Control for Looking Glass

    by Harsh Jain, mentored by Hideya Kawahara
  • An experimental three-dimensional interface to search Google.

    by Juan Gonzalez Aguilera, mentored by Kirk Turner
  • Optimisation of the Looking Glass Core

    by Pierre Ducroquet, mentored by Deron Johnson
  • Project Looking Glass

    by Sennai Masato Alemayehu, mentored by Hideya Kawahara

The Mono Project



  • Mono Bug Finder

    by Aaron Tomb, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • JScript.NET run time

    by Florian Groß, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • Xaml compiler for mono

    by Iain McCoy, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • Mono/Cecil

    by Jb Evain, mentored by Miguel de Icaza

    by Jeyasankar Kottalam, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • MSBuild implementation

    by Marek Sieradzki, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • Diva

    by Michael Dominic Kostrzewa, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • ASP.NET Graphical Designer for the Mono Project

    by Michael Hutchinson, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • Mono

    by Pedro Martínez Juliá, mentored by Miguel de Icaza
  • PHP4Mono

    by Raphael Romeikat, mentored by Miguel de Icaza




  • Monotone / Go Botan

    by Kaushik Veeraraghavan, mentored by Nathaniel Smith




  • An advanced macro and testcase creation tool for Firefox

    by Ben Basson, mentored by Brian King
  • SIP phone extension for Mozilla Thunderbird

    by Filip Daluege, mentored by Brian King
  • Bugxula

    by Ian Thomas, mentored by Myk Melez
  • Mozilla latvian localization

    by Lauris Bukšis-Haberkorns, mentored by Myk Melez
  • BitTorrent extensions for Mozilla Firefox

    by Loune Lam, mentored by Gervase Markham
  • MultExI

    by Ludwig Hunecke, mentored by David Boswell
  • Vietnamese localization of Mozilla Thunderbird

    by Minh Xuan Nguyen, mentored by David Boswell
  • Originally, localize Firefox and Thunderbird to Thai but changed to Camino

    by Zek Kelley, mentored by Brian King




  • userfs

    by Antti Kantee, mentored by William Studenmund
  • Efficient memory file-system

    by Julio M. Merino Vidal, mentored by William Studenmund
  • BPG

    by Manuel Freire, mentored by Cuirt Sampson
  • NetBSD wcurses

    by Ruibiao Qiu, mentored by Julian Coleman




  • UMIT

    by Adriano Monteiro Marques, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich
  • Ncat is the culmination of many key features from various Netcat incarnations such as Netcat 1.10, Netcat6, SOcat, Cryptcat, GNU Netcat, etc.

    by Chris Gibson, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich
  • Nmap Version Detection

    by Doug Hoyte, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich
  • NmapGUI

    by Ole Morten Grodås, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich
  • Nmap

    by Paul Tarjan, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich
  • Improve the NMap OS fingerprint database by integrating submissions and help in adding new tests to improve NMap's accuracy to provide more granular results.

    by Zhao Lei, mentored by Fyodor Vaskovich



  • Tabbed Browsing feature

    by Andrzej Wytyczak-Partyka, mentored by Andreas Schluens
  • Provides a beginning of plugin for Eclipse to help development for

    by Cedric Bosdonnat, mentored by Juergen Schmidt
  • OpenOffice.Calc Validation of Functions

    by Daniel Miller, mentored by Niklas Nebel
  • OpenOffice JasperReports Exporter

    by Majid Khan, mentored by Frank Schönheit
  • .doc Export Pre-Filter (originally, Improving MS Word Filter)

    by Michael Ens, mentored by Florian Reuter




  • Sun Grid Engine Package Creation for OSCAR

    by Babu Sundaram, mentored by Bernard Li

    by RAM KUMAR DANGETI, mentored by geoffroy vallee




  • OpenMeteo project

    by Andrey Gryaznov, mentored by Chris DiBona

The Perl Foundation



  • A generational thread-aware GC for Parrot

    by Alexandre Buisse, mentored by Leopold Toetsch
  • WWW::Kontent

    by Brent Royal-Gordon, mentored by Curtis Poe
  • Compiler/Optimizer Improvements to Parrot

    by Curtis Rawls, mentored by Leopold Toetsch
  • A type inference system for Perl 5

    by Gary Jackson, mentored by Andy Lester

Portland State University



  • Quantum Simulator (Q-Sim)

    by Dennis Weyland, mentored by Bart Massey

Python Software Foundation



  • Universal File System Interface

    by Adam Kerz, mentored by Trent Mick
  • mmpy - memory management in Python

    by Carl Friedrich Bolz, mentored by Samuele Pedroni
  • PyFileServer

    by Chun Wei Ho, mentored by Ian Bicking
  • Python Profile Module Replacement

    by Floris Bruynooghe, mentored by Brett Cannon
  • Python mailbox module replacement

    by Gregory Johnson, mentored by Andrew Kuchling
  • Python memory profiler

    by Nick Smallbone, mentored by Michael Hudson
  • Ported the standard library modules '_sre' and 'array' to pure Python

    by Niklaus Haldimann, mentored by Armin Rigo
  • Python Implementation of the Data Access Protocol

    by Roberto Antonio Ferreira De Almeida, mentored by Paul Dubois
  • OpenExVis

    by Tero Kuusela, mentored by David Ascher
  • Interactive Python Notebooks

    by Toni Alatalo, mentored by Fernando Perez




  • python modules that help in easy modification of smb.conf file in an OO way, configuration of server's role such as PDC, STANDALONE, DM, WINS, etc., and configuration of printing style such as CUPS , SYSV , BSD etc.

    by Amit Regmi, mentored by Gerald Carter
  • Write the regression tests necessary to implement the Active Directory Synchronization protocol between domain controllers.

    by Brad Henry, mentored by Andrew Bartlett
  • Samba3 -> Samba4 upgrade

    by Jelmer Vernooij, mentored by Andrew Bartlett




  • SPARQL For Sesame

    by Ryan Levering, mentored by Jeen Broekstra
  • A code generation tool for Semantic Web applications

    by Shawn Simister, mentored by Giovanni Tummarello

The Subversion Project



  • Jabber Notifications for Subversion

    by Brian Davis, mentored by Karl Fogel
  • Subversion (path-based access control in svnserve)

    by David Anderson, mentored by Karl Fogel
  • Verified Memory Management for the Subversion Python Bindings

    by David James, mentored by Karl Fogel
  • Subversion's directory listing over Dav was performing badly compared to the other repository access methods. By investigating the source of the issue and optimizing the calls I was able to trim down the time it took for listing of large directories by a substantial amount.

    by Jean-Marc Godbout, mentored by Karl Fogel
  • Full Ruby bindings

    by Kouhei Sutou, mentored by Karl Fogel

Ubuntu Linux



  • Zope packaging for Ubuntu Breezy

    by Fabio Tranchitella, mentored by Matthias Klose
  • PyGTK Storage Device Manager

    by Jaime Soriano, mentored by Martin Pitt
  • Gnome Panel Enhancements

    by Emmanuel Cornet, mentored by Sébastien Bacher
  • LFS: A Log Structured File System for Linux that Supports Snapshots

    by Pradeep Padala, mentored by Marius Eriksen

The Wine Project



  • Improve DirectInput joystick support in Wine

    by Daniel Remenak, mentored by Lionel Ulmer
  • Wine theming

    by Frank Richter, mentored by Kevin Koltzau
  • Implement the Negotiate and NTLM security providers for Wine, using samba4's GENSEC package.

    by Kai Blin, mentored by Juan Lang




  • WinLibre Installer Python Prototype

    by Bertrand CACHET, mentored by Pierre-Jean Coudert
  • Manatee

    by Bohdan Vlasyuk, mentored by Pierre-Jean Coudert
  • The Sneaky Snakes

    by Michael Rybak, mentored by Pierre-Jean Coudert
  • Final Touch (was: Image Manipulation Tools)

    by Noemi Tojzan, mentored by Pierre-Jean Coudert
  • maclibre

    by francois perche, mentored by Pierre-Jean Coudert




  • Agile Project Management Application built on XWiki

    by Alberto Saavedra, mentored by Ludovic Dubost
  • P2P Enabled version of XWiki

    by Bikash Agarwalla, mentored by Ludovic Dubost
  • Charting for XWiki Tables

    by Sergiu Gabriel Paul Dumitriu, mentored by Ludovic Dubost