Best practices

Follow these best practices to keep your content fresh and optimized for use with News on Google Assistant.

  • Keep feeds updated, ideally hourly.
    • Users engage the most with feeds that are updated every 30-60 minutes.
    • Google Assistant crawls your content periodically throughout the day so users have the latest news content available.
    • News content that's not updated periodically may be considered stale and re-evaluated.
  • Provide news content that's around 5-10 minutes long. News on Google Assistant supports longer segments, but 5-10 minutes is optimal for news updates.
  • Include source introductions and conclusions for each of your audio and video news briefings, such as "Live from News on the Hour with Nancy" or "This is News on the Hour with Nancy."
  • Encourage users to add your content as a News Source in their Google Account "News" settings.
    • When a user says, "Tell me the news," Google Assistant prioritizes the news sources that a user selected in their Google Account's "News" settings. Similarly, when users say, "Whats the latest [categorical] news?," Google Assistant prioritizes the news sources in that category that the user pre-selected in their "News" settings.
    • If the user hasn't selected any preferred news sources, Google Assistant plays the highest ranking news source for the most applicable category (general or specific). This ranking is updated algorithmically, and it's based on a variety of signals.
    • For more information about how users can add your content as a News Source, see Set your default news service on Google Home.
  • Always notify us when you make updates to your news content metadata, such as its title, RSS feed URL, and description. For more information, see Submit or update your feed.