Google Mobile Ads SDK

Mediation Networks

See the mediation guide for instructions on setting up ad network mediation. If you run into technical issues while integrating these SDKs, please post to our forum. To submit feedback, please use this link.

Ad Network Documentation Compatible SDK Adapter Customer Support
AdFalcon Partner page Download page Download page Email support
Adfonic Download page Included in Adfonic's SDK. Email support
AdMob Partner page Included in the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Email support
Amobee Download page (login required) Included in Amobee's SDK. Email support
AppFlood by PapayaMobile Download Android Included in AppFlood's SDK. Email support
BrightRoll Partner page Download page Included in BrightRoll's SDK. Email support
Partner page Download Android Download Android Email support
Drawbridge Partner page Included in Drawbridge's SDK. Email support
Flurry Partner page Download page (login required) Email support
HUNT Mobile Ads Download page Email support
iAd Partner page Included as part of iOS. Download Form
i-mobile for SP Download page (login required) Download page (login required) Form
InMobi Form
Jumptap Email support
LifeStreet Media Partner page Download page (login required) Dowload page (login required) Email support
LiquidM Included in LiquidM's SDK. Email support
LG U+AD Partner page Included in LG's SDK. Email support
MdotM Partner page Email support
Medialets Partner page Download SDK Included in the Medialets SDK. Email support
Millennial Media Form
MobFox Partner page Included in MobFox's SDK. Form
Mojiva Partner page Download iOS Download Email support
Nend Included in Nend's SDK.
Pontiflex Partner page Download Android Adapter for Android Email support
Rhythm NewMedia Partner page Download page (login required) Download_page (login required) Email support
T ad (SK planet) Partner page Download page Included in T ad's SDK. Email support
TapIt by Phunware Included in TapIt's SDK. Email support
Tremor Video Partner page Email support Download Android Adapter for Android Email support

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