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Top Contributors are long time members of the Google Mobile Ads Developer forum who, over time, have distinguished themselves as being knowledgeable, friendly, and consistently ready to assist others in succeeding with the Google Mobile Ads SDK. They very kindly take time away from their professional pursuits in order to spend time posting as volunteer 'Google Mobile Ads SDK experts'. In so doing, they have assisted many hundreds of developers over the years.

William Ferguson

I've been running the gauntlet of software development since '91, with most work from '99 onwards in the Java server/web arena. But since mid-2010, I have been developing in the Android space which is where I first came into contact with AdMob. Since then I've been pretty active on the AdMob and ACRA groups and have released my first Android app "Lexathon".

Kunal Verma

I joined AdMob in March, 2011, to monetize my apps work for Google Play, without charging for my apps. I've helped out in the forums since when I started; I didn't find much help online and had to learn everything myself. I hope to provide my expertise to new developers so that they can get going more efficiently. Also, I continue to learn a lot myself from these forums. AdMob is my primary source of income, so being given this added recognition of Top Contributor is something I really appreciate and will try even harder to help out with answering questions.

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How do I become a Top Contributor?

Top Contributors are especially active, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly forum members who have come to the attention to Google Employees by virtue of their noteworthy efforts over time. In this sense, they have been hand-picked by Google to be honored with the Top Contributor designation.

It is not a role that we take lightly. In order to be considered for the Top Contributor position, forum members must meet a number of criteria, which are shown below. Our criteria evolve as we learn more about what makes a Top Contributor truly "the tops".

In general, a Top Contributor is a forum member who:

  • maintains a consistent presence in the forum by being present most days
  • displays a strong (and accurate) SDK product knowledge
  • responds to others in a patient and friendly manner
  • seeks to assist and elevate other members—as opposed to simply showing off their knowledge in public

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