Machine learning for mobile developers

ML Kit beta brings Google’s machine learning expertise to mobile developers in a powerful and easy-to-use package.

Optimized for mobile

Machine learning can make your apps more engaging, personalized, and helpful, and provides solutions that are optimized to run on-device.

Built with Google expertise

ML Kit offers the technologies that have long powered Google's own experiences on mobile.

Approachable and comprehensive

Use out-of-the-box solutions (base APIs) or custom models, running on-device or in the Cloud, depending on your specific needs.

Base APIs: seamlessly build machine learning into your apps

Image labeling

Identify objects, locations, activities, animal species, products, and more

Text recognition (OCR)

Recognize and extract text from images

Face detection

Detect faces and facial landmarks

Barcode scanning

Scan and process barcodes

Landmark detection

Identify popular landmarks in an image

Smart reply (coming soon)

Provide suggested text snippet that fits context

Custom models

If ML Kit’s Base APIs don’t cover your use cases, you can always bring your own existing TensorFlow Lite models. Just upload your model, and we’ll take care of hosting and serving it to your app.

ML Kit acts as an API layer to your custom model, making it easy to run and use. In addition to deploying your models, we are releasing an experimental model compression flow that aims to reduce model size (up to orders of magnitudes) while maintaining similar accuracy. Sign up at

And if you’re new to machine learning and want more information on custom models for mobile, you can learn more about TensorFlow Lite.

Just the beginning

Our ultimate goal is to reduce idea–to–implementation cycles and make AI an essential and intuitive part of a developer's toolkit. We will do so by continuing to add new Base APIs that leverage Google’s machine learning expertise. Base APIs will ultimately cover significantly more use cases in the vision, speech, and text fields. We will also continue to simplify use of custom models, adding tools to deploy, compress, and create them. We hope you will find ML Kit useful!

ML Kit Launch Partners

Lose It!, a popular calorie tracker, uses the Google ML Kit Text Recognition API to power nutrition label scanning in the app. The API enables users to quickly capture nutrition information to ensure it’s easy to record and extremely accurate.
PicsArt uses ML Kit custom model APIs to implement TensorFlow–powered magic effects to enable our millions of users to create amazing images with their mobile phones.

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