End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing happens in two stages: Sandbox testing and Soft-launched Production testing.

  1. Sandbox testing: Run through a series of test cases against your sandbox inventory using the sandbox frontend. URLs to your Sandbox inventory can be accessed under Inventory Details  List of Enabled Merchants dashboard in the Partner Portal
  2. Soft-launched Production testing: When you have completed Sandbox testing, reach out to your Google contact, and your account will be placed into a "soft-launched" state, at which point your production inventory will become bookable, but will not be externally discoverable by end users on any Google properties. Your soft-launched inventory can be accessed via special Direct booking URLs that will be exposed within the Partner Portal's Merchants  Matching page. Details on how to access this inventory, and special precautions you need to take with these URLs, are available here. Run through a similar set of test cases as you did in your Sandbox environment.

Test cases

The following end-to-end tests are performed as part of both Sandbox and Soft-launched Production testing:

  • Make a booking through Reserve with Google and confirm the booking shows up correctly in your system.
  • Check that the confirmation emails are sent out and that the time and booking listed are correct.
  • Cancel the booking through Reserve with Google and confirm that it's canceled correctly in your system.
  • Book another appointment through Reserve with Google and trigger the cancellation from your system with the Booking Notification API
  • Remove a particular slot from your system, and check to see if it's removed properly on Reserve with Google through real-time updates. Note: Delays should take less than five minutes.
  • Modify a booking and confirm the modified booking shows up correctly in your system.
  • Click on various slots to ensure there are no BatchAvailabilityLookup errors


When debugging availability slot related issues, use the Availability Viewer in the Partner Portal to see a history of slot changes.

Launch Readiness

To prepare for launch, fill out the launch readiness questionnaire. Submission of this form tells Google that you're ready to launch.

Additionally, please fill out all required fields in the Account and Users  Contact Information tab in the Partner Portal. It is required to fill out the contact information form before launch.

In preparation for launch, review the following final checklist:

  • The feed uploads occur daily.
  • The booking server failure rates are less than 5%.
  • The real-time updates failure rates are less than 5%.
  • Users' data is transmitted securely.
  • There are no third-party booking requests from your backend.
  • The availability checker has run for > 3 days (preferably over a weekend) with unavailable and error rates less than 5%.

Once these steps are complete, reach out to your Reserve with Google representative to schedule your launch date.