Retail Policies

Retail is defined as appointment bookings for no-charge store visitations or online consultations for shopping or styling for a particular store.

To ensure a consistent experience for consumers, merchants, and partners using Reserve with Google, retail inventory must adhere to the appropriate guidelines. Failure to adhere to these policies will lead to suspension of your integration.

Merchant Eligibility

  • Merchant location must reside within the US.
  • The merchant’s main business purpose must align well with shopping for goods.
  • Merchants must align to business categories for shopping stores (e.g. clothing, accessories, internet provider shops, grocery, electronics, home and garden, suppliers). This means your matched merchant’s primary business category in your Business Profile must be a store.

Service Eligibility

Supported services

  • Appointments at no charge for in-person store visits that apply to the entirety of the store.
  • In-store consultative appointments at no charge that aid in shopping that apply to the entirety of the store.
  • Free online appointments for shopping advice or consultations.

Unsupported services

  • Appointments that require a minimum purchase or commitment or sign-up (e.g. appointment at no charge with $50 purchase, appointments at no charge with required membership sign-up).
  • Paid appointment services like repair shops (e.g. jewelry, watch, tire).
  • Paid consultations.

  • Services that require additional user data collection outside of the Reserve with Google standard specification.

  • Services where shopping or aiding the consumer to complete a purchase is not the primary goal of the merchant.

  • Stores that offer both services and shopping goods must include services for both types of bookings (e.g. a clothing store would have 1) in-store shopping visit and 2) clothing return as defined services).


In-Person Services

We allow $0-priced services for retail inventory with the following restrictions:

  • For retail, visiting the store must be available at no charge with no minimum purchase or additional commitment required. For example, appointment bookings that require users to sign-up or listen to a talk are not allowed.
  • For retail, consultations must be available at no charge with no expectation of future payment.

Online Services

We allow $0-priced services when a service is delivered fully online, with the following restrictions:

  • The service must be available at no charge.
  • Donations can be solicited, but must not be required to receive the service.
    • Solicitation must only occur after the service has been delivered.
    • Limitations are allowable for health and safety reasons as permitted by law.