Search Query Reference

This page describes the issue fields that are supported by the search query language in Google Issue Tracker.

Category Field Label Alt. label Special values Example
ID (exact match) Issue ID id id:1234
Blocking issue blockingid none (no blocking issue)
any (one or more blocking issues)
Blocked-by issue blockedbyid none (no blocked-by issue)
any (one or more blocked-by issues)
Parent issue parentid none (no parent issue)
any (one or more parent issues)
+ at the end includes transitive children
Canonical issue canonicalid none (no canonical issue)
any (one or more canonical issues)
Hotlist hotlistid h none (not on any hotlists)
any (on one or more hotlists)
Component componentid c + at the end includes child components componentid:5555
Tracker trackerid trackerid:1234
User (exact match) Reporter reporter r me (you) reporter:username
Assignee assignee a none (no assignee)
any (has an assignee)
me (you)
Collaborators collaborator none (no collaborators)
me (you)
CC cc none (no CC)
me (you)
Verifier verifier v none (no verifier)
any (has a verifier)
me (you)
Modifier modifier me (you) modifier:username
Last Modifier lastmodifier me (you) lastmodifier:username
Commenter commenter me (you) commenter:username
Last commenter lastcommenter me (you) lastcommenter:username
Enum (exact match) Priority priority p priority:p1
Severity severity s severity:s1
Type type t type:feature_request
Status status is open (any open status)
closed (any closed status)
Text (tokenized) Title title title:foo
Comment comment comment:bar
Attachment (file name) attachment attachment:foo
Text (exact match) Found-in version foundin none (no found-in version)
any (one or more found-in versions)
Targeted-to version targetedto none (no targeted-to version)
any (one or more targeted-to versions)
Verified-in version verifiedin none (no verified-in version)
any (one or more verified-in versions)
Time Created time created [number]d (Last n days) created:2014-06-18
Last modified time modified [number]d (Last n days) modified<=2014-06-18
Resolved time resolved [number]d (Last n days) resolved:5d
Verified time verified [number]d (Last n days) verified:2014-06..2014-08
Count Duplicate count duplicatecount duplicatecount:1
Vote count votecount votecount>=5
Comment count commentcount commentcount:10
Collaborator count collaboratorcount collaboratorcount<5
CC count cccount cccount<5
Total descendant count descendantcount descendantcount>10
Open descendant count opendescendantcount opendescendantcount:0
Boolean In-prod inprod inprod:true
Star star star:false
Archived archived all (true or false) archived:true
Mute mute mute:true
Custom field Custom field customfield<id> none (no custom field value) customfield119:foo
Saved search Apply a saved search filter savedsearchid savedsearchid:1234