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Google Interactive Media Ads

The Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDKs enable publishers to display linear, non-linear, and companion ads in videos and games.

IMA SDKs provide a set of APIs to developers to:

If the IMA SDKs are used on properties running ads that collect Active View metrics, those metrics will be collected through the IMA SDKs to reduce latency.

The IMA SDKs Quick Start guides explain how to use the SDKs to display interactive media ads, such as pre-rolls and overlays, within video content players. You need to know:

Who uses IMA SDKs?

  • DFP users
    Use IMA SDKs to serve video ads.
  • AdSense for Video (AFV) ads and AdSense for Games (AFG) ads
    Use IMA SDKs.
  • Publishers using VAST ads from a third-party ad server
    Book their VAST ads in DFP and use the IMA SDKs to request and display them.
  • AdExchange for Video
    Uses IMA SDKs.

Get started with IMA SDKs


Android SDK


Flash SDK