Google Interactive Media Ads

The Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK enables publishers to display linear, non-linear, and companion ads in interactive media content such as videos and games. Publishers can use the IMA SDK to request and display ads served by DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), the Google AdSense network, or any VAST-compliant ad server. Common scenarios for using the IMA SDK include displaying pre-rolls or overlays in video content.

The IMA SDKs expose a set of APIs that allow developers to make ad requests to the DFP or AdSense networks, interpret the ad response, and report metrics back to the ad server.

The IMA SDK Developer Guides explain how to use this SDK to display interactive media ads within video content players. Common scenarios for using the IMA SDK include displaying pre-rolls and overlays in video content. Depending on which SDK you are using (IMA Flash SDK, IMA HTML5 SDK, IMA iOS SDK, IMA Android SDK), a basic understanding of one of the following is assumed:

  • ActionScript 3
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C
  • Java

Who can use the IMA SDK?

The Google IMA SDK is intended for the following publishers:

  • DFP users: Publishers can use DFP to traffic, target, and serve their directly-sold ads. The IMA SDK offers advanced video ad serving features.
  • AdSense publishers: Publishers can also use the Google AdSense Network (AdSense for Video (AFV) and AdSense for Games (AFG)) to monetize their inventory. If you only want to display AFV/AFG ads, DFP is not required. However, AFV/AFG ads still require the IMA SDK.
  • Publishers using VAST ads from a third-party ad server: Publishers can book their VAST ads in DFP and use the IMA SDK to request and display them. VAST ad responses are parsed prior to ad playback. Refer to the VAST guidelines for details.
  • AdExchange for Video: Publishers can make use of remnant ad inventory from AdExchange for Video via the Google AdSense Network.

For more information about serving and trafficking video ads in DFP, visit the DFP In-Stream Help Center. DFP has built-in support for AdSense for Video (AFV) that makes it easy for publishers to monetize their pre-emptible and unsold video inventory by using a feature called Dynamic Allocation.

How do I start?

Proceed to Getting Started to learn what you need to do before you can integrate your video player with the Google IMA SDK.

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